Who we are

Naked Ocean is an environmental movement that has been started within the beach town of Cronulla. It is a group of scuba divers and beach goers that come together to clean the ocean of all pollution. Their aim is to keep the ocean completely naked from all marine debris and make Cronulla Plastic Free.

Kirsten McLaren, a local Marine & Environmental Scientist founded the movement earlier this year while she was working as a Scuba Diver Instructor. “Seeing the amount of marine debris walking down to every dive site was disheartening” she quotes. “Hearing how equally upset my students were, I knew I had to do something. I had always wanted to start up a clean up group or NGO but didn’t think I had the means. I had always had this idea of a completely naked ocean – naked from all plastic pollution and from there the idea just kind of exploded. Naked Ocean is currently a group of divers/beach goers that clean the beach either on shore or diving in the water.