Kurnell Above + Below Beach Clean

In 1 hour we collected

kilos of rubbish




back into landfill

Great day yesterday! Thank you to all you legends that turned up and helped clean Kurnell.

Together we accumulated 38kgs of marine debris from above and below the surface in just 1 hour from a National Park! The biggest stand out was definitely the amount of polystyrene found; filling 3 large clean up bags. Styrofoam is one of the most commonly ingested microplastic by marine animals due to its resemblance of fish eggs and crustaceans. Unfortunately when we left there was still 10s of meters of Styrofoam all along the beach that we just didn’t have the man power for. It’s time for council action and we want to put the pressure on. In the meantime chose to reuse and ditch plastic.

On a lighter note, Massive thanks to Honua Drink for coming down and giving everyone who attended a FREE DRINK BOTTLE! They are an amazing company right here in the shire so go support your local business and grab yourself one. Ditch plastic and join in on the war one waste.