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Keeping our ocean naked

Naked Ocean encourage a holistic approach when it comes to being rid of the plastic pollution within our oceans. We hope to provide solutions rather than finger point. Whether it’s coming along to our cleans or starting up your own, or even just picking up rubbish any time you see it. We as individuals can make a difference and as a community we can change the world. All you need to do it start taking action, however that may be. In the meantime, keep our oceans naked.

Monthly Above + Below Ocean Cleans

Join in on our beach cleans! Whether that be by scuba diving, snorkelling or walking on the shore we would love you have you! We will be alternating site locations each month to target the problem areas we have found in our previous cleans.

Naked Ocean Presents A Plastic Ocean

Our second screening, this time on a documentary centered around the Pacific Ocean gyre in which researchers found more plastic than plankton! Now a charitable organisation, they aim to change the world’s attitude to plastic in a single generation.